Our team is driven by a shared passion for supporting you to achieve success, throughout every stage of your journey.

Based in the UK, The Gastric Guru provides healthcare solutions to assist patients throughout every stage of their weight loss. We offer preoperative and postoperative dietary care plans with expert knowledge from bariatric specialists. Members receive the highest-quality support and guidance with unlimited access to the Community Support Hub. 

The Gastric Guru began when the founder underwent a Mini Gastric Bypass and discovered the need for quality aftercare and specialist knowledge in a secure, accessible place. 

If you are considering weight loss surgery as an option or have undergone a procedure, we ensure you receive the best possible care.  

After having surgery, many important questions arise for patients and the answers have not been easy to find. We discovered that many online sources of patient care have been letting patients down. Information is all too often scattered across unrelated articles and websites; much of the information is inaccessible or simply unreliable. Our solution has been to provide support and guidance in a way that is reliable, easy to access and empathetic with patient needs. 

Support, Inform & Trust.

Our team is driven by a shared passion for supporting patients to achieve success, throughout every stage. We rely on feedback from members to continuously improve our services and keep providing the highest-quality support and guidance. 

We are a community-led business and each of us loves what we do. Our deep knowledge of patient needs is informed by direct experiences in the bariatric surgery community, as former patients and experts in the clinical field. For us, there is nothing more gratifying than helping others to achieve daily improvements to their health and lifestyle, before and after weight loss surgery.