Choosing the right bariatric provider

A good private clinic will provide a higly-experienced surgeon and a comprehensive aftercare plan, covering all your surgery needs.

Choosing the right provider and surgeon can make all the difference to your weight loss journey. The medical team and surgeon at the clinic will help to prepare you for the operation and provide support and aftercare to help you in the challenging months and years ahead. You need to research your options when you decide. 

Steps to finding a good provider 

  1. Search weight loss surgery online
  2. Consult your GP 
  3. The Gastric Guru Partners 
  4. A surgeon owned provider
  5. Ask friends or family members who have had weight loss surgery for recommendations
  6. Contact surgery providers for a list of approved and experienced surgeons
  7. Request surgeons' qualifications and credentials

Check if your surgeon is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and that your provider is approved by the College.

An experienced surgeon will be able to assure you of the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery in terms that you understand. Look for a highly-qualified surgeon with plenty of demonstrable experience, offering well-developed aftercare plans. In a consultation it is important that you feel comfortable asking your surgeon questions about their experience and that you are happy with their answers. 

Should I go with a local provider? 

Going private often means shopping around for value which can take you abroad. While some people choose to go abroad where surgery is often less expensive, it is beneficial if you can find a clinic not far from where you live. You will need to do some travelling back and forth to the clinic for preoperative and aftercare appointments and tests. Support meetings are also likely to be at the same clinic. 

Choosing a local provider will make these trips easier. The quality and accessibility of your aftercare package should be a high priority in any choice you make with a provider. My personal recommendation would be to find a surgeon that you like, that is committed to your care package and that is preferably surgeon owned.

Having one 2 one aftercare appointments can be more benifical than a telephone call or Skype call. You are more likely to be honest about your situation face to face and this will help your long term success. 

Please seek and follow the specific guidelines from your bariatric team. Guidelines vary for individual patient needs and surgeries.