Meet the Founder

I'm Aisha, founder of The Gastric Guru.

When I underwent a mini gastric bypass I had little knowledge about weight loss surgery.

For over 20 years Type 2 diabetes had drained my health and wellbeing.

I was tired and struggling to muster the energy to continue with life. Leading up to my decision to have weight loss surgery, I had never felt so depressed and in need of change: I had fallen out of love with life.

As I began researching the benefits and effects of weight loss surgery I started learning how it could change the quality of my life, enabling me to grow old healthily for my daughter and husband. With the diabetes now in remission, I am in back in control and loving life once again. 

After having the surgery, I discovered that information and support for patients was little and far between.

There were only a few local support networks on social media, so I decided to create my own online support network. Bariatric Surgery - Gastric Band, Sleeve & Bypass Support UK became the largest Facebook support group for weight loss surgery in the UK and, from there, The Gastric Guru was born.

My journey through weight loss surgery has shaped the core values underpinning The Gastric Guru:

Care, Support, Inform & Trust.

I discovered that many important questions arise in the journey of weight loss surgery and patients need a single, accessible resource which they can turn to for answers. People who have either received surgery, or are considering undergoing a procedure, need not only reassurance from a wider, online community but also professional guidance from experts with information they can trust.