The Psychology of Finally Being Full From Within: A Psychological Supplement to Bariatric Weight Loss, Gastric Sleeve, and Bypass Surgeries

The Psychology of Finally Being Full From Within: A Psychological Supplement to Bariatric Weight Loss, Gastric Sleeve, and Bypass Surgeries

Licensed bariatric psychologist, Dr. Colleen Long has worked with thousands of gastric sleeve and weight loss surgery patients. In this book, she shares all the tools she uses in private practicer to help clients understand why they eat vs. just focusing on what they eat. This book is also intended for anyone who wants to also lose weight on their own and is tired of the "yo-yo" game. Full from within gives the reader unique and practical every day tips to truly changing their relationship with food for good.

About the Author

Dr. Colleen Long is a licensed clinical psychologist with private practices in Los Angeles and Boston. She has worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with food addiction and eating disorders in private practice for the last 15 years. She has worked with thousands of patients needing pre and post operative support with gastric sleeve, bypass, Lapland, and balloon surgeries. She has consulted on major high profile addiction cases, and her expert advice is frequently sought from national media outlets including CNN, HLN, The Dr. Drew Show, Discovery Channel, E!, MTV, and A&E.

Our Review 

Review of, The psychology of finally being full from within a psychological supplement to bariatric weight loss, gastric sleeve, and bypass surgeries

Author Dr Colleen Long, Psy. D

My initial thought on looking over this book was, How is the author going to cover such a challenging topic in one hundred pages? So going in, to be honest I was a little sceptical about the path that lay ahead.

The book is laid out in eighteen chapters most concluding with very thought provoking mind meas at the end. These exercises can be challenging but were certainly beneficial to me and I feel these are an essential component of the book.

Dr Colleen Long writes with unnerving accuracy, hitting the nail on the head for me many times. The author encourages the reader to dig deep within themselves to find the true answers to the issues, practices and behaviours that may be inhibiting our chances of success.

The book offers practical guided advice to highlight any unhelpful patterns and behaviours and how to mitigate these.

I found of particular interest, Chapter four Melting the iceberg.

I have always had weight issues, I was an overweight child, teen and adult. I therefore found un conscious learning theory particularly applicable to my situation. 

The mind meal, about belief systems that have been ingrained in the way I relate to food was particularly helpful. As a small child I was given food to replace other things.

For example, milky bar chocolate bars were waved at me to encourage me to walk. I was a late walker and now wonder what kind of association this created in my young mind. 

I also remember being on a car journey and getting stuck in the snow as a young child in the car with my family. I was frightened and was given a kit kat to calm me down. 

There are many more of these examples and I am positive that most of us can identify with this which is why I believe it could be particularly helpful to many of us that have had weight loss surgery. 

Chapter nine, breaking the cycle, was also very useful. The author suggests to the reader that we all fall into four styles of eating. Thus enabling us to identify and begin to tackle the issues we have.

In conclusion I found Dr Colleen Long s book to be informative, helpful and well written. My initial scepticism is now in the past, that said I believe this book to be a great starting point at addressing these issues, giving some very practical advice relevant to a wide range of individuals that have undergone weight loss surgery.

Pop this book on your read list, you will not regret it.