WLS Diet

Weight loss surgery is a reliable and effective medical intervention for morbid obesity. Surgery is often a last resort for people living with obesity after lifetimes spent dieting only to put the wieght back on again, weeks, months or years later. Weight loss surgery is so effective because it changes the metabolic rate and function of the digestive system, giving patients a much higher chance of keeping the weight off and reducing co-morbidities.

Will I need to diet after weight loss surgery? 

While surgery works when dieting fails, it is not a substitute for adopting a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. Diet and nutrition will play a decisive role in making your weight loss surgery a success. You should carefully follow the postoperative guidlines given to you by your provider to avoid gaining weight and experiencing complications after surgery. 

How can surgery help my food addiction? 

Surgery helps people tackle eating disorders and food addiction by portion control and healthy eating. Most patients find they can return to a varied diet after surgery, but can no longer overeat and absorb excessive amounts of nutrients and minerals. The most effective way of controlling the amount of food you eat is to use specially-designed portion control plates. 

The ongoing concerns for weight loss surgery patients are controlling portion sizes and knowing what types of food to include in the diet to ensure the body is getting a healthy balance of nutrients. 

The main dietary focuses of aweight loss surgery are: 

Portion control 

Preoperative diet

Postoperative diet

Is dietary support available? 

Getting off to a good start with the weight loss surgery dietary requirements will set your journey on the right path. However, beginning to lose weight and improve health is a life-long goal and can be overwhelming: there is a lot to achieve but also a plenty of opportunities to make mistakes. Tough challenges are bound to occur throughout the journey. This is why many patients find support in joining a WLS forum where they can share experiences, ask important questions and learn from the community. 

Please seek and follow the specific guidelines from your bariatric team. Guidelines vary for individual patient needs and surgeries.